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The Quotation is a fixed price offer to carry out the work requested to the details and to the extent as described therein. Offers are normally open for acceptance for a period of 3 months from the date of the quotation or any amendment to it. Please note that the price quoted only includes the work specified. Castle Rock Landscapes have not made any allowance for unknown, unseen, hidden, or additional works requested. Provisional costing will be presented as an approximate cost but are not final.

The proposed start date for the works is to be agreed, upon receipt of your contract and payment plan. This may vary depending on Castle Rock Landscapes prior commitments and weather conditions. The actual start date will be subject to review but will be confirmed via email prior to starting, and will be subject to availability of materials, labour, and clement weather conditions at the time. A final survey will always be conducted prior to any work commencing, if we feel that proceeding would jeopardise you as a client or Castle Rock Landscapes, we would re-evaluate the situation.

Price quoted assumes full-uninterrupted access will be given, from the agreed start date. Should there be any preferred timing of the works to take place by the client, this shall have been made known to Castle Rock Landscapes prior to the acceptance of the quotation. We can not guarantee we can complete works within the preferred timing, but you will be advised of our schedule beforehand.

Artificial grass for large garden areas will be laid with the minimum amount of joins possible. The joins should in time become less visible with the care of brushing the pile, however we can not guarantee they will be completely hidden. 

Client to ensure that the area(s) concerned is cleared of any equipment or items which could be damaged through general disruption during the works.


Castle Rock Landscapes shall require free usage of Clients electricity and water supplies during normal working hours.


Castle Rock Landscapes Ltd is not responsible to obtain any Drainage or Electrical surveys on your land that require us to dig below 600mm. These must be obtained by yourself as our client and a copy sent to us before work on your project is started.


Should the client also agree to Castle Rock Landscapes workforce having access to, and the use of the client’s own toilet facilities during working hours, no surcharge would apply. If this is not agreeable, the cost of Castle Rock Landscapes providing temporary facilities shall be added to the client's account.

The cost of repairing accidental damage to property or items that have not been previously identified, or made known to Castle Rock Landscapes in writing, shall be the responsibility of the client. Castle Rock Landscapes shall only be liable for the re-instatement or rectification of accidental damage to the works, directly attributable to Castle Rock Landscapes negligence, and not be liable for any consequential loss, howsoever caused.


If at any time you wish to cancel your landscaping project this must be done in writing via email to, your deposit will be refunded unless you cancel within 7 days of your confirmed start date and only 50% will be refundable due to admin fees.   


A payment plan will be sent via email, and stage payment invoices will be issued by Castle Rock Landscapes for settlement promptly on receipt. Your payment plan is subject to change if extra costs are incurred or a change in the schedule of works. Castle Rock Landscapes will notify you of the change via email. Failure to pay any invoices can result in all work being halted until payment is received, and your projects allotted time being put back in our schedule.


Castle Rock Landscapes retains sole ownership of all materials supplied, delivered, and used in the works, and shall not become the property of the client until all due payments have been settled in full. Should the client be granted beneficial use of the whole or any part of the works before final completion, this clause shall still apply, any guarantees will commence from the date of obtaining such use.


Unless stated otherwise, Castle Rock Landscapes guarantees all new work against faulty materials, and/or workmanship, for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of the substantial completion. No guarantee is offered or implied for re-using second-hand materials, and/or the survival of using existing turf, and plants etc. Guarantees will only be honoured upon full settlement of the final account.


Our staff are hired by Castle Rock Landscapes Ltd and only carry out work under our contract, any work requested from our staff privately outside of the contractual agreement is not permitted. For extra work, you wish to be completed outside of the original contract please either speak to the site manager directly or call our office on 01344 266303.


Castle Rock Landscapes carry Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance. Certificates are available upon request.

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